2019 Pants Trends

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Trousers will be the most commonly used clothes when it is getting colder these days…. As you know the pants are both comfortable and stylish. Especially if the weather is cold, the pants are indispensable for warming –up and being elegant in every situation.

Tracksuit-style trousers

The comfort of the tracksuit is carried to the trousers. Sweatpants, which are among the trends of 2019, are among the most popular pieces of the year.

2019 Pants Trends

2019 jean trends

Curling Trouser Legs

As we have seen in the Mom Jean and Boyfriend models, the curling details are even more exaggerated this season. If you want to try this new trend you can combine with a remarkable shoe under your pants.

2019 Pants Trends

High waisted curling trouser legs

Paperbag Trousers

The paperbag model, which is a trend that emerged in 2018, was named after the waist detail due to the fact that it looked like a paper bag. For those who want a sophisticated and comfortable look, this type of trousers will be a good choice.

2019 Pants Trends

Paperbag trousers

Tartan Pants

We started to see  plaid fabrics frequently in school uniforms and lumberjack shirts. But in 2018, things change and color the pants. The pants with plaid details allow you to create a sporty and stylish combination.

2019 Pants Trends

Tartan pants

Dark Color Jeans

Leaving behind the trend of the light color jeans of recent years, we are moving to jeans dominated by dark colors. The trend of dark color jeans, which has the advantage of showing fine, is also very popular because of its easy combination.

2019 Pants Trends

Dark color jeans

365 days 4 seasons indispensable outfit: Jean

The first rule to apply for every jeans when wearing jeans: Never combine a bad outfit with jeans! The clothes to be worn with jeans should not be daily, casual or ordinary!

Here are the most popular jeans in the fashion of 2019! Jeans are a must-have piece of our wardrobes. Jeans are a great deal of day-saving and business-facilitating parts, which can be used in everyday life, whether classic, sports, casual or classic. So sometimes we wear a denim and a T-shirt, we put under the jeans according to the shoe we choose sports or classical look. Countless colors of jeans, which give a person a free and cool look, who dresses, adorn their wardrobes and window glasses with various models and designs.

2019 Pants Trends

Designed jeans

In the blue jean fashion, we have compiled the most preferred  the most ambitious, coolest and most trendy Jean models for you. Many business women who work in weekdays can only wear jeans on weekends due to workplace procedures. But for students, housewives and bosses of their own work the procedure of clothing is totally opposite to the situation  also for those who are free according to their pleasure and desires.

2019 Pants Trends

Knee-side torn jeans

Mostly, young people can dress as often as they want. In fact, jeans are both indispensable parts of our lives and wardrobes because of the cool and trendy appearance, comfort and the habit of dressing from childhood.

Last year, ornate, tasseled, floral, motif, canvas, chain, patterned, stoned and embroidered jeans  were preferred by many people with great appreciation.

2019 Pants Trends

Torn edges jeans

That’s why colorful, exaggerated patterned, floral, embroidered, chained,  jeans are quite usual for everybody in every country; they’re designed for those who say that simplicity is not for me, the decorated jeans are absolutely ideal for those who like diversity and freedom.

High waist trend goes for jeans too. High waist trousers showing the length of the leg longer than it’s. By the straight cut jeans we  has found a way to look thinner and longer.

Also torn trousers continue to be the trend this year. However, jeans with torn edges are much more assertive and attractive this year.

My advice is not to wear such trousers with a classic or casual shoe, but put on a high-heeled, fancy and exaggerated shoe. You can balance the shyness of the jeans with the elegance of the shoe and get a perfect harmony.

Designed Jeans With Wet and Brightness

In addition to the usual denim in classic blue, non-fashionable shades and brightly-colored jeans, designers gave the traditional denim a little wet shine, fresh and very modern. Jeans pants are one of the most beautiful products of the print. It can be applied to the coating on the finished product or by spraying on the glue. Such trousers attract attention with their bright colors and sparkle. These kind of jeans  looks like a lightly wet look.

2019 Pants Trends

Designed jeans with wet and brightness

Striped Jeans

This season strip is very fashionable in both shirts, coats, jackets and pants. A colored or shiny ribbon that is cut or sewn on two sides of a denim jeans can make it very different and stylish.

Striped trousers add a motion to a plain blue classic jeans in a style proposal.

Different designs can be made by adding colors and patterns on the legs of such designed trousers.

Denim is a fabric which is very suitable for decoration and design.

2019 Pants Trends

Striped jeans

2019 Pants Trends

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