Determine Your Glasses Style

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Determine Your Glasses Style

Today, users of graded glasses carefully choose the glasses they will wear for 365 days a year.

Even if the number does not change the glasses can change the frame every year according to the fashion and latest trends. Of course health is first of all, but recently we also consider the fashion while choosing the glasses.

Determine Your Glasses Style

Determine Your Glasses Style

Glasses are indispensable to our eye health; used in the treatment of eye diseases and to see more clearly, additionally sunglasses are also a must for all four seasons.

Of course health comes first. According to the eye numbers determined by the physician after the examination of the ophthalmologist, optic glasses are selected by your optics in your eye and focused on your eye lens. Together with the frames, glasses take their place in showcases in optic stores according to season fashion.

Determine Your Glasses Style

Cat eye framed

Nowadays, the eyeglass frame also has a fashion. Stylish frames in different colors and models adorn optics shop windows.

Like clothes, glasses have a fashion. Glasses fashion, like outfits, are renewed every season. Now let’s take a look at the 2019 glasses fashion:

Women prefer especially stylish frames in glasses models. While people were hesitant to wear eyeglasses, they are no longer hesitant to wear glasses thanks to developing technology and stylish glasses. On the contrary, there are a lot of people who feel that their glasses are suitable for their taste and mood.

Determine Your Glasses Style

Newest fashion trends for glasses 2019

Among the spectacle models of women, predominant models are the glittering, stony and striking frames.

Swarovski stones and retro models are quite popular this year. This year, lame and dore bright colors are reflected in the models of the glasses. Men prefer the more simple and comfortable  glasses frames compared to women.

In 2018, when small-framed glasses were more prominent, large glasses were again in 2019. Large-framed eyeglasses fashion seems to last a long time.

Women prefer black, brown or white frames horn-rimmed glasses according to their skin and color.

Let’s not forget that horn-rimmed glasses never go out of fashion. It is always the choice of pretentious and marginalized women.

At this juncture, it is worth mentioning that the content of the horn-rimmed glasses frame is not what it is supposed to be; it’s made of acetate which consists of tightening of cotton.

Geometrical and colored goggles leave mark on the 2019 eye of fashion. Transparent and gray eyeglass lenses are one step ahead in geometric pattern glasses in which metal is used extensively.

This year, the double eyebrow line also stands out in the glasses. This year black and white frames are also placed on the shelves of optical stores.

Determine Your Glasses Style

Gigi Hadid-glasses style

The cat’s eye glasses on the shelves are still coming out this year. The cat eyes frames of the 60s and 70s are also trendy this year. In addition, the cat’s eye frames are more assertive colors like black and red in 2019.

Progressive Glasses; with increasing age, especially for people over 40, it is difficult to see both near and far. Instead of wearing glasses separately for both close and far; they prefer progressive glasses that make it easier to see both near and close, it actually provides great convenience and comfort to the person.

Determine Your Glasses Style

Street style fashion with fantastic mirrored sunglasses

Pilot and drop glasses which were too popular in old times, are now very fashionable in 2019 with metallic yellow, blue, gray, matt and simple colors.

Butterfly eye frames like cat’s eye frames also come ahead in 2019 glasses fashion. The person who is wearing stylish and ambitious butterfly glasses seems eye-catching…

In addition, the marble style is one of the most widely used glasses frame materials of 2019. The frames in the form of marble surely will catch on…

Determine Your Glasses Style

Oversize frames

We’re going to see double-goggle glasses around this year. These models, which look like two glasses on top of each other, make the wearer look quite extraordinary.

We will see colored glasses in 2019 in both summer and winter. Blue, yellow, green and many other eyeglass colors can be seen in the eyes according to the color or person’s mode. If you say that vibrant colors are not for me; lilac, powder color and coffee shades and transparent tinted windows are quite fashionable this year.

Determine Your Glasses Style

Glasses of street fashion

Determine Your Glasses Style

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