How to choose a high-waist swimsuit?

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How to choose a high-waist swimsuit?

With each season, swimsuit models change, but the fashion has a property to return.

In our article, we will analyze trendy swimsuits with a high waistline, photos of popular models of famous brands and recommendations for choosing a swimsuit.

Swimsuits with an inflated waist appeared long ago, for which they got the name “retro swimsuits”.

Such name swimsuits were not accidental. In the 50’s, such models were considered a model of style and a bold enough beach dress, despite the trunks covering the navel.

How to choose a high-waist swimsuit?

How to choose a high-waist swimsuit? This season, vintage swimwear with an inflated waist is particularly relevant. Photos of swimsuits with high fusions are dazzling in every fashion magazine and do not leave lovers of interesting styles without attention.

How to choose a high-waist swimsuit?

Swimsuit-bustier with an overstated waist has a top, in the form of a short top with stitched inside the bones to preserve the shape. Some designers make this model of a swimsuit in combination with a skirt-shorts of an overstated landing. With the right selection of accessories, the bustier can be used as an outfit for a beach party, adding a wide-brimmed hat, glasses and contrasting beads to the image.

How to choose a high-waist swimsuit?

Note that a swimsuit with a high waist for full and fluffy shapes just perfect. Wide panties skillfully mask the shortcomings of the figure, pulling the imperfect hips and buttocks. The high fit of the swimming trunks hides the stomach, acting as correctional underwear. A bathing bra braces up the chest, creating feminine curves without a hint of vulgarity.

If you are a trapezoid-type figure with wide hips, it is important to choose the right model of a vintage swimsuit. For example, panties should be darker than the top, this will help visually reduce the volume of the hips. In no case choose colorful and animal prints. Ideally, the bottom of the swimsuit should be monophonic.

How to choose a high-waist swimsuit?

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