Laser Carbon Facial Peeling

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Popular for the last few years, the procedure of carbon peeling, reviews about which are positive for most clients of beauty salons, confidently increases the circle of their fans. It is carried out as an alternative to chemical cleaners and allows to achieve a clean, smooth skin after the first session. The second name is China Doll Peel, which translates as a peeling of a Chinese porcelain doll. The peculiarity of the process is its multi-stage conduct, absolute painlessness, and instant result. Hollywood, the third name of the method, received its distribution among the stars of the film industry and show business at the expense of a fast amazing result, and gradually became available for wide application.

The peculiarity of purification by a laser device using carbon is excreted by the high-speed catalyst, which arranges an explosive reaction of the carbonaceous cream on all layers of the dermis. This helps to narrow the ducts of the sebaceous glands, prevents the development of bacterial infections, cleans from harmful microorganisms, improves the appearance and heals the entire internal system.

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Laser Carbon Facial Peeling

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