Mini Skirts In Winter

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Mini Skirts In Winter

Fishnet pantyhose socks

Mini Skirts In Winter

Weather may cool, winter may come, or even storm may come out, but mini-skirts are never out of fashion!

Mini skirts are summer and winter season’s indispensable models as a favorite of women.

Especially when the winter begins, there is an increase in the use of skirts.

There are many different mini-skirt models such as pleated-tight -straight cut or flared… that will decorate many storefronts this season.
Mini Skirts In Winter

Colorful stylings in winter

If you don’t like the bare leg image in winter or if you’re cold, pantyhose opaque socks / opaque tights are a must. Whether it’s black or colorful, pantyhose opaque socks are excellent choice for your autumn/winter style. If you want to wear your mini skirts without hiding your legs just like in the summer,  use skin-colored socks; if it’s too cold wear two skin-color socks.

Mini Skirts In Winter

Thigh high socks under shorts in winter

You do not have to give up attractive garter stockings or sexy black thin stockings because of the cold air in winter. You can pull on skinny socks under your desired stockings or black slim stockings. In this way you can keep your charm in the winter. Of course unless your legs are too thick. If you have a thick leg problem, choose one of the alternatives and wear it. Two pairs of socks may look your legs larger.

Pantyhose opaque socks are the most functional parts of winter wardrobes. With an opaque sock, you can create elegant stylings with any skirts in our wardrobe. Thin, thick textured socks can be used in cold weather easily. If you prefer a shoe with the same color as the opaque socks you pull on, your legs will look longer and thinner than they are. If you have long and slender legs, thigh high socks will suit you very well.

Mini Skirts In Winter

Cute thigh high socks in winter

What to wear under the mini skirts in winter?

You shall put on your beautiful boots or top boots under your mini skirts or shorts. You can keep your legs warmer with long socks boots and you can look much hotter with minis. While wearing a skirt in winter, the most important point you should pay attention to choose a skirt that will keep you warm. You can create a trendy style on cold winter days with a velvet, leather or suede skirt.

Mini Skirts In Winter

The harmony of mini skirt with knitwear

In the autumn/winter season of 2019/2020, trendy knee lenght or thigh high socks will be often seen in street fashion. It is possible to create cute, attractive and feminine combinations with thigh high socks reminiscent of high school uniforms. You can also wear your knee lenght socks with boots or  wear them with ballerinas/babettes when the weather is nice. The most important point to consider when using these socks is choosing a shoe that is compatible color with your socks.

Additionally, those who want to wear mini skirts in winter may prefer narrow or pleated skirts which can be achieved by combining them with black opaque socks. You shall wear high waist mini skirts and over the blouse, shirt or tshirt to be combined. This is the most popular way of combining; yet you can also use thick knitted cardigans as overdress winter.

So how to wear a mini skirt?

There are some issues to be considered in this regard. The most important issue is that the woman’s awareness of her physique (body) well. If you have a lenght of 1.70 and a size of 36, all the mini skirt models you wear will suit you. But if you’re a little overweight and a little shorter, wearing mini skirts could be risky on some conditions.

Mini Skirts In Winter

The harmony of mini skirt with knitwear

If the upper part of your legs is a little thick, 5 or 10 fingers shorter than knee lenght mini skirts should be preferred instead of ultra mini skirts which are not very appropriate with this type of legs. Even if the weather is hot, you may prefer a skin-colored socks if you are not satisfied with your skin color.

If you prefer the mini-skirt during the winter months, you should pay attention to the socks you prefer. If you are not going to stay out for a long time, you may prefer skin color socks, but it is not avalible for that season. In winter and autumn seasons, you should choose opaque socks that do not show any piece of complexion, also they are available in various colors.

Mini Skirts In Winter

Opaque tights with shorts

Note that colorful pantyhose provides women a very young and energetic look. Of course, black color socks also fit most skirts.

Another important issue to be mentioned about the mini skirt is; the preferred shoes. If the mini skirt is in sport style, a sport shoe for example sneakers should be preferred. When a pencil skirt is worn, it is preferable to use thin and high heels.


On the other hand, boots provide a very cool look with opaque socks.

The fact that the shoes are the same as color the socks will ensure the integrity of your entire outfit.

Mini Skirts In Winter

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