Street Fashion and Oversized Sweaters

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Street Fashion: Oversized Sweaters

Sure, the temperatures may drop and cold air will set in, but the way we see it, winter is the perfect time of year to wrap ourselves in cozy knitwear and curl up in front of a fireplace with a good book.

And there’s nothing quite like bundling up in a plush oversized sweater to make you realize the coldest season is not so bad after all. It’s like wrapping yourself up in your favorite blanket — except for the fact that you can actually wear it out in public and everyone approves.

Street Fashion and Oversized Sweaters

Oversized sweater dress- in a fashion week

The oversize sweaters, which will be considered as the best escape plan from the cold air, become more appropriate as they expand. In fact, in the street fashion, oversized sweaters when it comes to combining the oversize sweaters we can see that it is not very difficult to match it. The winter trend of the oversized sweaters were rumored to be out of style last years. Large-size pullovers provide a comfort, energy and excitement for the winter season. Moreover, it combines both jean pants, opaque socks and long skirts to create an extremely different style. Large pullovers don’t make you look sloppy. Oversized sweaters have created an extremely popular trend, such as oversized T-shirts and shirts. If you catch the right fit, you can look sexy, elegant and feminine in these outfits.

Street Fashion and Oversized Sweaters

Wear the oversized sweaters with maxi skirts

To be clear: our love affair with oversized sweaters started long ago. But last season, it was reignited in full when cocoon-like knits popped up in the Pre-Fall collections of Pringle of Scotland, Ryan Roche, Edun, Spencer Vladimir, Sacai, Barbara Bui, Chloe, Victoria Victoria Beckham, M Missoni and more.

Oversized sweaters are genius things: comfy, cozy and oh-so-versatile. Perhaps that’s why designers aren’t letting go of them, be it winter, spring, summer or fall. To wit: Max Mara’s Spring 2018 runway — filled with cool, minimalist, tonal looks — featured an all-white, no-frills, knee-length cardigan/semi-sheer shirt/white trouser combo. At Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia slipped lace-lined V-neck sweaters over coordinating negligées and turtlenecks. The prior season, Marc Jacobs (with actual cold weather in mind) teamed outsize wool jumpers with shearling-trimmed corduroy jackets and sportswear-inspired trousers.

Street Fashion and Oversized Sweaters

Oversized sweaters-street style

Despite their resemblance to actual blankets, oversized sweaters can be flattering, energetic statement pieces, if styled correctly. One option is to streamline your look in monochromatic, head-to-toe knits. And, as proven by Jacobs — and Victoria Beckham, time and time again — you can’t go wrong in a gargantuan knit and loose trousers or a flowing skirt, so long as your footwear is sharp.

Winter/autumn season is never completed without oversized knit sweaters. For slim and smart girls, particularly with a petite body, it is not easy to carry big sweaters. Many girls fear wearing them, to avoid the look of an over-sized balloon. Pulling off an oversized sweater fashionably, requires certain techniques. Once you follow them, you can easily get a stylish winter look. Here we have rounded up the best ways to style yourself up in an oversized sweater:


How to Use Oversized Sweaters?


1. Wear your oversized sweater as a dress.

Pair your sweater with leggings or skinny jeans and wear it with boots for a fashionable look. To make your sweater more business appropriate, accessorize it with classy boots and a stylish belt around your waist. Although this is a look reserved for the business-casual office, it still allows you to make a fashion statement.

Street Fashion and Oversized Sweaters

Off-shoulder oversized sweater

2. Accessorize well.

Wear a long, neutral-metal toned necklace and conservative earrings with your oversized sweater. Invest in jewelry from a department store or jewelry company, not handmade craft jewelry, and do not select anything too loud or large. Carry a professional briefcase or handbag in a neutral tone.

Street Fashion and Oversized Sweaters

Fashion tips for wearing an oversized sweater

3. Wear formal business bottoms

A long skirt or pair of classic black, khaki or gray business pants can tone up your oversized sweater for a professional, business casual look. Do not wear tennis shoes or sandals if you are wearing an oversized sweater, but also avoid heels, as they will look out of place. Instead, go for conservative, neutral-colored flats.

Street Fashion and Oversized Sweaters

Comfortable oversized sweaters with skinny pants

So you thought you could only wear your oversized sweater with these examples? Well, we challenge you to push your thinking today with this versatile garment. And even though oversized sweaters are not everyone’s cup of tea, you can be sure that you will find one way or the other to wear it, through this post.

There are various pieces to match with oversize sweaters below:

Street Fashion and Oversized Sweaters

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