Street Style Knitted Dresses

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Knitwear is a permanent trend of cold seasons. Knitted dress-sweater feminine, and at the same time very warm thing, which makes it indispensable in the autumn and winter wardrobe of every fashionista!

Street Style Knitted Dresses

Modern fashion is increasingly moving towards comfort and convenience, so the most popular dresses are the silhouette of the “overserve”. As for the length of the dress, in fashion, as a mini, and midi, and maxi. The shortened dress will perfectly complement the boots-boots, and the long one is perfectly combined with both high-heeled boots with ankle boots, and with coarse boots in the men’s style, and also with comfortable running shoes.

Street Style Knitted Dresses

Under the dresses of the length of “ultra-mini”, you should wear tight trousers or leggings. Pantyhose in the tone of the shoes will make the legs even longer and slimmer! To the dress of a tight silhouette, you can pick up a belt then remember the rule; to a long dress below the knees, you need a wide or medium-width belt, to a short one narrow.

Street Style Knitted Dresses

Street Style Knitted Dresses

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