What Colors Are Fashionable in Summer?

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What colors will be fashionable in the spring and summer of this year:

  • shades of blue
  • Shades of green
  • Cold pink
  • Gold

Do not forget about prints. The coming summer they will be no less fashionable than the one-color outfits. Exquisitely in the summer looks floral print. The warm season is ideal to include in your wardrobe as many bright shades.

What Colors Are Fashionable in Summer?

Another interesting print of fashionable summer dresses for every day is pop art. Pop art is a novelty in 2018. Designers did not offer fashionable women to try on something similar. For young girls, it looks incredibly interesting and unusual. But fashionistas of an older age should look out for themselves something else.

What Colors Are Fashionable in Summer?

And, finally, another promising popular print is an animal. This coloring of the women’s wardrobe continues to be popular for several seasons in a row. Moreover, the animal print is known to women of fashion for just over 5 years.

What Colors Are Fashionable in Summer?

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