Women’s Masculine Clothing

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Women’s Masculine Clothing

We were imposing various dress habits on women over the years.

Skirts, dresses, frilly blouses etc. Fortunately, we learned that women could wear pants years ago. After that, we learned by some courageous women that the classic shirts and the men’s collars were not bad at all in women.

But we still avoid the masculine clothing style.

Women's Masculine Clothing

Discover street fashion ideas

Masculine mood provides a very different charm to women. You may not be accustomed to the masculine style adopted by especially strong, perfectionist and successful women, and you may not know how to apply it, but you will fall in love with the masculine style with the suggestions I will give.

Women's Masculine Clothing

Masculine style with suit and tie

The first element to be considered in the masculine style is the colors. Dark navy blue, blue, white, black and brown clothes are major requirements of this style. In addition, black and white harmony will provide an elegant appearance.

The word masculin means man in French; is used as masculine in  several languages that mean male style.

What is the masculine style, which is indispensable for street fashion, how is it combined?

Women's Masculine Clothing

Masculine shoes for women

Masculine style; It is a style created by women who want to create a strong image with their sharp and hard lines, with a great mastery of men’s clothing with color and lines. Some of the important details of this style include high waist trousers  (link) , classic-style jackets, wide-neck shirts, lattice shoes, bow ties and ties. This kind of style which emphasis on the power of women includes also oversize coats, trousers and loafer shoes that are important image complements of this style.

If you think this type of clothing would not suit you, you can try and start with the accessories first.

A transition from pencil skirts  that symbolize a woman’s feminity, to wide-collar shirts and a brave transition from neckwers to jeff caps will bring you closer to the masculine style.

Women's Masculine Clothing

A perfect masculine combination!

The tuxedo is an important part of the masculine style. It is simple to get a good look by wearing a tuxedo. Shoes with finger low and banded heels would create an attractive female style  under your tux.

Women's Masculine Clothing

Classic masculine style ideas for women

Today’s fashion changes fast. Recently, we see how this fashion is adopted by looking at the reflection of the masculine style on the streets. For those who want to keep up with the masculine style, can use high-waisted trousers and classic-size men’s socks and lattice-style shoes can be used by  those who prefer mini skirts.

While jeans are not considered as part of this style, you can mask the jeans with masculine details. You can create a masculine style with a simple jacket-shirt combination.


You can use the tie with both trousers and skirts, the tie is a very stylish accessory and not unique to men. It is very sexy and cool in women. When you start to use tie, you will see that you cannot give up.

In the selection of the masculine style shoes, oxford shoes are generally used. These shoes really suit to masculine clothing a lot, but wearing oxford shoes with masculine clothes is not a rule. Fashion loves creativity and pushes you to the distinctness. You can add sexiness to your masculine style by wearing a heeled shoe (stiletto) under your masculine outfit.

Keep it mannish, business-appropriate and tailored. The masculine fashion for women is full of amazing ideas what will make you look fabulous. The paradox of mannish clothing is the fact it looks more feminine and appealing on ladies. In the photos we are going to see amazing combinations how you can look ladylike wearing boyfriends jeans or tailored suit. The menswear borrowed garments are ideal for creating an original look.

Women's Masculine Clothing

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